Frequently Asked Questions

Are you pregnant?
Not anymore! All went well, you can find my pregnancy content on my other Onlyfans page @legendarylootzpregnant. Subscription includes a rotating archive of pictures and clips, 1 full length pregnant video per month + another full length video in your welcome message immediately upon joining. I also have all of my full length pregnancy videos hereย ๐Ÿ˜Šย pregnant videos are posted under the “pregnant” category in my video store.

Are you doing custom videos?
Yes I am doing lactation customs through my site or MV, orย I am not doing regular customs right now!

Do you offer sexting, cam, GFE, or photosets?
I don’t!

Do you have lactation content?
MV Club is the only place you can find my milk content! Check it for photos, videos, clips, and other stuff! I post a full length video EVERY Friday, no PPVs ever! Milk content is not allowed on Onlyfans! VIP Fanclub

Do you have pregnant B/G videos?
Yes, these are only available on my Onlyfans page @legendarylootzpregnant